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About Bee’s Credit

Bee’s Credit is a Microfinance institution based in Kenya. Our financial products include logbook loans and Car asset finance. We lend up to 5,000,000 KES for a maximum period of 36 months.


Car Loan

At Bee’s Credit we will support you to own your dream car in 24 hours. Whether it is for business or personal use, we can finance up to 70% of the vehicles value.

Logbook Loan

Bee’s credit Logbook finance product is a type of loan, whereby the borrower secures the loan using a motor vehicle as a security. We can lend up to KES 5,000,000 to help you meet your personal and business financial needs. You can qualify for up to 60% of the car value.



About us

Inspired to enable people, Bees Credit Limited is a credit-only Micro-Finance Companylicensed in Kenya under the Company’s Act. We offer a world-class financial service in Africa. We offer Logbook loans and Asset financing loans to customers within 24 hours and its Hassle free and convenient. We pride in being transparent and work with a team of integral professionals who enjoy what they do. Due to our experience in fin-tech and a world class customer experience, we continue to service our customers and provide loans within 12 hours.

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